Why we are all becoming ‘Latin lovers’ [!]

Harry Mount author of “Amo, Amas, Amat And All That – How To Become A Latin Lover” writes in the Daily Mail:

Why we are all becoming ‘Latin lovers’ | the Daily Mail

As last week’s Ofsted report showed, more than half of England’s schools are failing to provide children with a good standard of education. A third of a million children leave school every year without a basic understanding of maths and English.

This is why there is a boom in self-help books such as mine, and Eats, Shoots And Leaves, Lynne Truss’s surprise hit of Christmas 2004, which instructs you about grammar and punctuation and has now sold three million copies. The success of authors like us depends on education’s failure.

Latin not only helps you with simple things like the storylines of English literature, so heavily based on classical stories. It also helps you to understand the classically-schooled minds of those who wrote great English literature – for half a millennium up until the 19th century, Latin was the mark of the educated man.

I really enjoyed reading Mount’s book. As far an language grammars go it is a little seedy at points, but it is a lot of fun. Not yet convinced about the value of Latin. Though it is much more stimulating than our current federal election education debates, which seem woefully limited to who can most cheaply produce the most worker-consumers.

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  1. Where can we start learning latin??
    ( I actually decided to do French and Chinese instead of choosing Latin in Year 9- silly me hey)

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