Christian Family Banned from all Shopping Centres

It’s nearly December, which means no more shopping centres for my family and myself until Christmas is finished.

We begun this self-imposed ban a couple of years ago, when we were feeling sick and tired of the commercialism and hype that shopping-centres bring to Christmas. Not to mention the crazed mobs!

Our original agreement was that we wouldn’t step foot in a shopping centre in December again. We’ve kept it fairly faithfully for a few years now. Combined with trying to think more about the gift of Jesus to save the world, it has been a positive experiment for us. We have been getting some cute family photos in the nativity setup they have had at St Paul’s Cathedral the last two years. No Santa photos for us. We try not to be legalistic about it. Under special circumstances exceptions can be made!

We don’t expect others to have to follow our example, it’s just our little game.

We enjoy shopping most of the time, but the net effect of the ban for us is that we do get less caught up in the hype of the shopping season. Combined with the fact we don’t watch much free-to-air TV, we like to think it helps stop the spread of affluenza.

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