Belonging to the people who worship Jesus as Lord

Easter Weekend 2008

God our Father, thank you for an exhilarating Easter weekend 2008 at Holy Trinity Doncaster. Thank you for the excellent Trinity Lectures on the subject of “Christ and the Nations”. Thank you that I was able to share the message of John 20:1-18 at a nursing home and with some other frail elderly people in their homes during the week, as well as with our awesome girls group on Wednesday night.

Thank you for moving Good Friday services. Thank you for the gravity of Paul Barker’s preaching and for using him to exhort us to continue in the word of Christ and really prove to be his disciples (John 8:31). Thank you for Chris B. organising and preaching the gospel at the Good Friday youth service.

Thank you Father for the Easter Eve (Saturday night) children’s and families’ service. Thank you for the awesome music and those who used their gifts motivated by a love for Christ and for children. Thank you for the infectious joy in Jesus of our children. Thank you for the Dads praying and for allowing me to teach on John 20:1-18 again.

Thank you for amazing Easter Day services. For the privilege of being able to preach the truth and meaning of the exaltation of Jesus Christ from Philippians 2. Thank you for raising Jesus from death and exalting him and giving him the name above every name: Jesus is Lord. For hundreds singing “Jesus Christ is Risen Today” and “Yours Be the Glory”. What a privilege to sit in church with my little children as such glorious themes are sung loud and clear and with conviction. Father imprint a sense of the greatness of the Lord Jesus on the minds of my children through such experiences.

Thank you for our Mandarin congregation 9th birthday celebration and baptisms. Thank you for the way this part of our church constantly puts on us the agenda of the message of Christ to China and the nations. Give our English congregations and godly jealousy to keep up with the challenging model of evangelism and discipleship.

Thank you the English youth of our church and Jono lifting up Jesus in his message on Sunday night. Thank you for the brothers and sisters in Christ in this church who are such a joy to both work with and hang around with.

Thank you for family devotions that Helen has organised for this passion week and weekend. Thank you for our marriage, and for the spiritual joy given as we strive to love like Christ and the Church. Thank you for my children who love Jesus so much and who demand we sing more songs to you.

Father it is a great privilege to know you, to be redeemed by the death of your Son, and to belong to a people who worship your Son at Lord. Thank you for overwhelming us with a great Easter weekend.

In Jesus’ name,


What can compare with a weekend like this?

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