Neutrality of Maths?

One area of education that would seem most worldview-neutral is mathematics. But the following video critique of newer maths methods used in the USA for multiplication and long division show how even maths is influenced by educational methodology and worldview.

At a glance, it would seem the driving methodology critiqued in this video is the desire to avoid traditional algorithms that require mastery through hard work and repeated practice, and settling for simpler methods that are less demanding. Is that driven by a worldview that shuns creating hierarchies of ability and protects individual esteem at all costs? I have no idea, just a theory.

She even explicitly quotes from the teachers manuals that say they avoid the superior but hard work requiring techniques precisely because some students will be “doomed to failure” and can simply use a calculator. Mathematics is an objective science, but this science is spoiled if it is taught in such a way to meet the lowest common denominator (pun intended). After all, “doomed” is a meaning-laden term – who is doomed in your worldview?

Math Education: An Inconvenient Truth (Youtube – 15 minutes)

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