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It’s coming soon. I must admit I’ve never really liked any study Bible – I’d prefer to have a separate book of notes and just a plain bible to read. It sometimes sends an implicit message that you can’t read the Bible text without help from some commentator, whose ideas have been elevated to the same page as Scripture. And we’ve all been in Bible studies where someone just keeps quoting from their notes rather than wrestling with the text. So nobody buy it!

Still, exciting to see one of the contributors is:

Paul Barker – Deuteronomy
Ph.D., University of Gloucestershire
Vicar, Holy Trinity Doncaster; Visiting Lecturer in Old Testament, Ridley College, Melbourne

But they also precede the list with a pretty big disclaimer:

The following people were responsible for writing the ESV Study Bible notes for the book or books of the Bible indicated after their names. In many cases more than one person contributed to the writing of the notes for specific books, and the notes for each of the books involved many levels of review and editing. The final notes as they appear in the ESV Study Bible, therefore, are the result of a collaborative effort of many people, and in some cases may include content or views that are somewhat different from what was received originally from the contributors.

The illustrations in it do look good.

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