A Horse and His Boy

Just finished reading Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe with the kids and began book 3 of Narnia last evening.

Every time I read book 2 I see beautiful new images of the gospel.

Why does book 2 have such rich Christian imagery and book 3 seem to be so sparse in the imagery? Am I just not seeing it?

Did Lewis plan the whole 7 books or was he making it up as he went along?

One thought on “A Horse and His Boy”

  1. The actual writing order is different to the current numbering. They were written 2,4,5,6,3,1,7 . It seems the current movies are following this order. Maybe he was running out of ideas. The horse and his boy, and the magicians nephew were sort of prequels. Maybe he wanted to fill out the story more, though obviously there is more you can putt into the magicians nephew. I think he took from the Genesis and also from Tolkein (from the Silmarillion) It also seems he has the funny idea in number 7 of the worshipper of Tish going to heaven (especially after we actually meet Tish)

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