Kids and Email

Josiah asked me today for his own gmail account. I told him not for a few years yet.

He has been watching me process my email. He has a fair idea of how to use it. And he will have an understanding of “inbox zero” from day one. I’m a bit scared to have another person in the house with an email addiction.

So I’m really not sure, what do people think, when is the right time for kids to get an email account?

The conversation ended like this:
Dad: “Why would you want an email account anyway, who are you going to email?”

Josiah: “My friends overseas” [occasionally Josiah writes a message to missionaries or other friends kids overseas]

Dad: “Why don’t you just write them in openoffice and then Mum or myself will email them?”

Josiah: “I have done that already”

So I look in Josiah’s folder in our home computer, lo and behold, he has already created a folder called “GMail” and drafted one email already!

2 thoughts on “Kids and Email”

  1. Hi Wayne,

    My solution – both Anna and Samuel have gmail accounts – but I want to keep tabs on it.

    At the moment fechmail POPs from gmail and serves it up at home on an IMAP server. I then have access to their email through Thunderbird. The kids have their own linux accounts on another machine and can access the IMAP server – but so I can eye – so I can keep an eye on the email traffic.

    These days with gmail’s IMAP functionality you could do the same thing using Thunderbird as front-end without needing fetchmail etc.


  2. hi Will! (I’ve been enjoying your Lambeth updates BTW)

    I like your solution. Full transparency and linux based. 🙂


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