When Google Owns You

If Google disabled my accounts I would be in some trouble.

I have all my google email backed up, I just pop3 it to my desktop mail client. I would lose all my GTD “next action” lists which are stored as labelled emails in gmail. I’d have the emails but they wouldn’t make sense out of Gmail.

But I have lots of great stuff on Google docs. But there is no easy way to backup google docs?

If I were disabled I have to ask the question: Do I simply create a new gmail account and somehow import the data back?

One of the comments in that blog posts talks about how quickly Google will shut down your AdSense account as soon as they detect fraudulent clicking. This is needed because you could just pay people, say in a poorer country, to click on your ads. AdSense is the backbone of Googles billion dollar revenue stream, so it makes sense.

But, why couldn’t you simply just pay (or write software) to fraudulently click on the ads of your competitors? You could get their AdSense accounts disabled very quickly and that traffic would then flow to your ads?  As long as “tracks were covered” and couldn’t be linked back to your company, it would be a great way to sabotage your online competitors.

Ahhh but someone might say that Google would simply restore the competitors adsense account when they made such a claim. Then you could simply go back to strategy A and click on your own ads, and when you get caught, claim it was your competitors act of sabotage. The cat and mouse game continues.

Though I detest governments interfering in everything, it would seem this industry would need some kind of regulating body, if only for transparency and accountability.

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