A Beautiful Wife #2

I have a beautifully loyal wife. She respects and upholds me in private and in public, when we are together and when she is apart from me. My wife and I achieve great things, we are a great team. I can count on her loyalty as I take initiatives, leads and risks for her benefit and for the good of our family. We regularly touch base and ponder difficult decisions together, but at the end of the day, we get much done because I don’t call the marriage committee for every decision, but simply take the lead and try to take the course that is most sacrificial to myself and best for my wife and family and our gospel mission. I am never afraid to take leadership and show initiative, I know my beautiful wife will be standing right by me. Together we are running a home school/theological college/Christian family and pastoring in an exciting local church.

I love the local church, but I dearly desire for local churches to look at my beautiful wife and show the same loyalty, fidelity, trust and submission to the Lord Jesus that Helen shows to me. The church is often a very ugly and disloyal bride to her Lord Jesus Christ. The local church is a glorious thing. But the glory is diminished when the local church and her leaders fail to show true and godly fidelity to the Lord Jesus Christ.

And my prayer is that I might daily lay down my life for Helen, giving myself up for her, to make her holy, through the Word to make her radiant. That too will be a message to the local church, of the great care that the Lord Jesus has for his church. May marriage be a constant sign to the local church that her beauty is established through trust and submission to the exalted Lord Jesus Christ.

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