A Beautiful Wife #4 – Marriage Vows

I really enjoy preparing couples for marriage. I hope you could any of the couples I have prepared for marriage what the main thing I taught them was, and they would answer: “the significance of your marriage vows and promises”.

Something that I love about my own marriage is that we often speak of our marriage vows, that we will always love each other till death do us part, and as long as we both shall live.

There is something beautiful and wondrous about having a wife who is able to say that to you regularly and mean it. It gives a great sense of security, a great sense of joy. I hope that I am also able to give that to Helen as I tell her regularly that I would die before breaking my promise to her.

We love, as parents, telling our children about our wedding day, talking about the photo they have of the wedding in the kids bedroom. The magical day when we made promises to each other before our families and before God. We have told the story many times, and will continue to.

I love attending weddings with Helen. Every wedding we renew our promises to each other as we hear the couple make their promises.

At Holy Trinity I get to take a lot of weddings. The number one topic I always report to Helen when I get home from a wedding, or even a wedding rehearsal is: How were the promises made? Were they reverent and trembling? Were there tears of serious joy? Did the groomsman act the man through the service? Or was he goofing around?

The promises we made at our wedding day are re-articulated often in our household. It is a beautiful gift to have a wife who tells me regularly that she will never give up those promises.

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