Ken Rockwell’s Updates

I have really enjoyed immersing myself in Ken Rockwell’s amazing Nikon web site. I know some of the Nikonarati think Ken is lame, but I’ve found his site a great source of info.

And as much as I wanted a D80 or even a D90, I got at D40 kit from JB Hifi for $593 – if you look in the latest Dick Smith catalogue you will see they are only $540 or so. This is great value. The ebay 2nd hand prices were getting upwards of $450.

Having taken over 1000 shots with the camera in over 2 weeks, it is amazing how much better a DSLR is than a compact digital. And given my wife is an old-school Nikon fan, it is good to make her happy. I only hope I can improve my skill at photography now, it is a very enjoyable hobby.

Hey – hold on – the price of the brand-new D40 and 18-55mm kit has dropped to $449.95. Wheeee!

The Nikon D90 is the new best camera for most serious photographers like most of you folks reading this, but costs over double what the D40 does. The D90 is twice as good if you know what you’re doing, but for my mom, the D40 is still the camera to get.

Ken Rockwell’s Updates

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