Highlights and Lowlights of Melbourne Diocese Anglican Synod October 2008:

– Evangelicals trying to tilt the budget proposal and hold someone accountable.
– Many good and sound motions.
– Amazing speeches concerning the value of preserving life.
– Launch of “Network 1:28” – looks like a fantastic document explaining clearly the ministry and ordination training program in the diocese.
– Some of the usual Synod theologically-liberal tub-thumpers have lowered their profile, paving way for the next generation no doubt.
– Brunetti’s coffee next door (apparently you get a discount if you say you are from the cathedral – it would need to be a big saving)

– Senior female clergy blocking the pro-life motion the day after our state puts through radical abortion legislation that will see the murder of innocent women and the lifelong physical and psychological scarring of tens of thousands of women.
– Motion 7: Being told that the synod was merely there to “rubberstamp” budgets.
– Motion 7: Not being told that the implication of motion 7 was that all budget amendments would be debated in one big random fashion, instead of one by one as would normally happen.
– Budget Crisis: questions not being fully answered, info on screens that can’t be read, detailed reports on CD’s that people can’t bring with them to the meeting, motions to limit debate and accountability, not one job being lost, allowing the diocese multi-million dollar deficits twice.

Bizarre points:
– A theological college lecturer likening allowing Anglican marriage rites to unbaptised couples to the war in Iraq. A+ for emotive irrationalism.
– Passing Anglican legislation to save the environment.
– Synod being too cowardly to condemn abortion but finding enough unity amongst the diversity to overwhelmingly praise the new cathedral sound system.

– The diocese administration for successfully getting away with it.

– Unborn children, women, and parishes that struggle to pay their diocesan assessment.

2 thoughts on “Highlights and Lowlights of Melbourne Diocese Anglican Synod October 2008:”

  1. Hi Wayne,

    Good blog. Your very brave posting comments like that about Synod. In case you cave to political pressure I’ve taken screenshot of this particular page. This reminds me of when one of your peers here in Melbourne pulled some ‘complimentarian’ sermons after being pressured. But from the few times I’ve talked to you and from what I know of you I think your made over sterner stuff, read Jude and be encouraged.

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