Opposition to Abortion Law Reform 2008 Petition

The fight continues…

Opposition to Abortion Law Reform 2008 (Victoria, Australia) Petition
As Christian and Catholic believers in Jesus Christ, who reside in Victoria
• We affirm that God is the giver of all life, and that He opposes violence and killing.
• We affirm that all human life is sacred, and that God loves and cares for all human beings from conception until death.
• We affirm that pregnancy, childbirth and parenting are great blessings.
• We oppose abortion except in rare and exceptional circumstances, such as when a pregnant woman’s life is in grave danger.
• We affirm that in Jesus Christ there is forgiveness and restoration for people who have had abortions and people who have performed abortions.
• We call on Churches and the State to provide compassionate and truthful counselling for pregnant women on the risks of abortion, and on the alternatives to abortion.
• We call on Churches and the State to provide compassionate and generous support for all parents, especially single parents and those struggling with need.
• We call on Churches and the State to improve care for the disabled, and to demonstrate that they are a valued part of society.
• We condemn the Abortion Law Reform Act 2008, which permits abortion on demand up to 24 weeks of pregnancy and allows abortion from 24 weeks until birth on the agreement of two doctors.
• We praise the role that medical and nursing professionals play in sustaining life in the State of Victoria.
• We support all Victorian doctors and nurses who, on grounds of religion or conscience, refuse to participate in abortion or to provide a referral for abortion.

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