CS Lewis Science Fiction Trilogy

Read the Lewis Space Trilogy on my holiday and loved them all. Especially the much darker and edgier second book.

Being a lover of sci-fi I had long avoided Lewis’ “experiment” into this genre. But actually he does it very well. I’m amazed at how little the books have dated since the 1940s.

I loved how the books communicate a sense of God’s greatness and of living in a world of unseen hierarchies and creatures. It completely blows away secular “what you see is all there is” materialism. The great weakness of modern atheism is that it can’t account for beauty or evil. Lewis shows that the Christian doesn’t have to choose between secular materialism and a kind of ethereal spiritualism, or between mythical wonder and the scientific ordinary. Because of the incarnation and work of Jesus Christ, we can have our cake and eat it. Taste and see!

I also loved how none of the Christian characters have any predictable piety. They are just ordinary people fighting a battle with God and for God. The battle has been in principle won through the incarnation and work of the Son of God, but, as I once heard a preacher say, there is some mopping up to do. Conversion is about choosing sides. Worship is about declaring allegiance.

I live in a world of great beauty and great evil. Behind every human evil lies much darker layers. Behind every glorious part of creation are more hidden glories and agents. And behind them all is a glorious creator who has defeated and is transforming what is fallen, including my household.

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