“What if?”: GFC and the End of Consumerism

This is a “what if?” post – I am not an economist nor the son of an economist:

What if the global financial crisis is the beginning of the end of Western consumerism?

All idolatries are self-destructive ultimately. We should not be surprised.

So are Western Christians ready with an alternative that we’ve been living all along? Or are we shuffling pews in our chapel on the McTitanic?

What new idolatries will fill the void? I expect the idolatry of greed to resurrect itself in new forms – most of them violent.

But what if God in his wisdom decides to answer our prayers for financial justice by bringing the first world societies down to third world levels?

No-one expected that when we started praying for the Millenium Development Goals – not even Bono and Rowan Williams combined will be able to save us.

What if?

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