Collision Movie: Christopher Hitchens vs. Doug Wilson

I’m really looking forward to this documentary of the book tour and debates between Hitchens and Wilson.

I loved the written debate they had in CT, now available in book form. I have a huge amount of respect and praise to God for Douglas Wilson, his thinking and ministry across a wide range of fields.

This looks like it will be a kind of neutral documentary (I hope) that you could watch with anyone and discuss the issues with.

Collision: Christopher Hitchens vs. Doug Wilson.

3 thoughts on “Collision Movie: Christopher Hitchens vs. Doug Wilson”

  1. (I’m being naughty, I heard there was some controversy about ‘Federal VIsion’ at Oak Hill College in England and have heard rumours of controversy about it here as well. )

    I agree I’d like to see the film, maybe we should organise some sort of viewing of it here in Melbourne?

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