Kids update

All of my children are doing amazing and creative things at the moment. They are a delight to watch.

Josiah is showing outstanding leadership initiative. On Saturday we held a parenting forum at HTD and he setup the kids creche tables and toys without even being asked. I wasn’t even going to ask him to help. He is also cleaning up stuff and doing filing at home, because he doesn’t like mess – just like me.

Jemima has become a CD junky and is making up little dances and actions to songs. She also has an incredible “in-love-with-Dad” attitude – beautiful.

Lydia is beginning reading. Helen taught her some basic phonics and it is a delight to sit with her and read through the Fitzroy Readers – she is slowly getting it. She has wanted to read for a long time.

CK has just been toilet trained and is growing up overnight into a chatty young lady.

I need to work harder at our family devotions and giving them lots of time and attention. All four are faithful and godly Christian children.

Great gifts from the Lord Jesus Christ, to be raised in Him.

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