Anglican Diocese of Melbourne Budget Synod Postscript

The budget crisis synod came and went. There was a bit of good discussion and debate about various figures and details

Overall everyone was happy enough to move the new budget without debate and go home early. It was a gesture of good faith, which I hope can be reciprocated in future years by continuing the protocol of bringing budgets to the Synod for approval.

There was a clear sense that some significant cuts had been mode, good new improvements to accounting processes and systems, and very competent leadership and management from the Registrar and Archbishop.

The major problem, acknowledged by everyone, was the lack of clear vision or strategy from which we can assess our budget priorities – but this too is being worked on. I hope to comment later on what I think are some of the major issues.

The highlight of the day was the New Cranmer Society breakfast. Professor Harper spoke brilliantly about the need to combine good strategy and good stewardship. He gave a prophetic call for the Baby Boomers of the diocese to pass the baton to the next generation of younger leaders. I thought his words spoke especially powerfully toward the evangelicals of the diocese.

I hope that the message was recorded or transcribed somehow. Ironically the only notes currently available are those on Bryan’s twitter stream.

Surely the timing is right for the younger evangelical Anglicans in Melbourne to step up?

One thought on “Anglican Diocese of Melbourne Budget Synod Postscript”

  1. Hi Wayne,
    I used to be on Synod and I remember we passed a canon requiring the budget to be brought before Synod for approval, because AiC could never agree on priorities.
    Good to hear Ian Harper gave an encouraging talk. The thing is Anglican structures are always parliamentary or committee based, so they attract lawyers and politicians rather than other suitable people. Also, the structures are pretty inscrutable to your average under 30 person in a church.

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