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I really enjoyed this article from Kevin Bauder on “Liberal Education“.  Some people call it a “liberal arts” education, others call it a ‘classical’ or even ‘classical Christian’ education. If you read the biographies of the magisterial Reformers, right up unto recent great ones such as C. S. Lewis or John Stott, this is the education they had.

Kevin Bauder argues in “Liberal Education” that colleges and seminaries should train pastors to think precisely, namely, to deploy “the skills of grammar, logic, and rhetoric.” Why?

A pastor’s main task is to do the work of the mind. His calling requires him to interpret texts and bring them to bear upon the issues of life. In other words, a pastor is constantly confronting ideas. He stands as a bridge between the ideas in the world of the Bible and the ideas with which his congregation is, or ought to be, wrestling. In short, a pastor’s main work is to think.

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