Culturally adrift without classical moorings | The Australian

Good article. Wish I had learnt Latin and Greek in school.

Educators once believed in the classical education very strongly. Little more than a generation ago you could not get into Oxford or Cambridge without demonstrating competency in Latin, and practically every Western historical figure and writer until the 1950s was taught the classics from an early age. The line of thinking that we don't need to learn Latin and Greek because they are too hard, irrelevant, not useful or not the languages of the future would have been regarded as the argument of philistines.

via Culturally adrift without classical moorings | The Australian.

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  1. Thanks for the link Wayne. Never too late to learn Latin and Greek… and get your kids onto it! Uni High still has Latin at secondary level, incidentally, tho’ they had to fight to keep it a few years back. And Xavier teaches Ancient Greek.

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