We must nurture the humanities

Another article related to a classical or liberal arts education – this time at the tertiary level.

I find myself surprisingly in agreement with Singer’s appreciation of the humanities. My hunch though is that our current ‘job factory’ culture within university education is a direct fruit of utilitarianism. In contrast, a theistic worldview drives you participate in Adler’s “Great Conversation“.

The idea of a liberal arts education goes back more than 2000 years to Plato’s Academy. It holds that an educated citizen in a free society should have a grounding in philosophy, history, literature, the sciences, maths, foreign languages, politics and fine arts. We might say that it attempts to answer the broad questions that Gauguin put into the title of one of his paintings (a title that he in turn took from a Catholic catechism): Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? This kind of education does not train you in a profession, but it gives you an intellectual foundation to use throughout your life, whether you decide to go into medicine, law, business, engineering, or any other occupation.

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