Don Carson Definition of Expository Preaching

There must be an updated version of this. These notes are from Don Carson preaching at a Melbourne conference, at Ridley, on 10th August 1998.

Definition of expository preaching:

  1. Preaching subject matter that emerges directly and demonstrably from a passage of Scripture. Anchored in the Biblical text.
  2. Not simply running commentary on the text, expository preaching has packaging and application.
  3. Not necessarily preaching through one book… e.g.: ‘visions of God’ series organised thematically, but each sermon is an exposition (Isaiah 6, Rev 5 etc).
  4. The length of the Scripture text is variable. Could be a verse, paragraph or chapter etc.
  5. At it’s best, expository preaching draws attention to inner canonical connections that move to Jesus Christ, despite being based truly in a single Biblical text.

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