Youtube is the Lingua Franca of Christian praise music

Something that I noticed at my old church and confirmed at my new church is that Gen X/Y church musicians use Youtube as the major form of sharing and spreading new songs for church.

In fact I first noticed this a few years ago when wedding couples were using Youtube to lookup different processional tunes from a list I had given them.

Hillsong and many others have all their material on Youtube, including updated arrangements. New band members don’t know that song? Email them a youtube link. Or watch it on Youtube from someones smart-phone at the music practice.

Would be great if other evangelical stables of church music would follow suit: Sovereign Grace Music, EMU Music, Colin Buchanan. Copyright paranoia is limiting the spread of great content here. I own every Colin Buchanan CD/DVD/Music Book – but you can’t beat the simple ubiquity of Youtube.

In fact Hillsong take it a step further – they not only put on their official material but they don’t take down other people/churches/bands putting up arrangements of their music. (though I just noticed an official HillsongVEVO channel that blocks the content to AU – fail)

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