Canon Press Latin Primer Worksheets

I have developed a number of freely printable worksheets for use in learning Latin using the Canon Press “Latin Primer” series.

The page is here and contains links to my dropbox where I am developing these resources:

I hope they will be useful to anyone learning Latin using these textbooks. We are currently up to the third textbook and I will keep updating the worksheets as I create them.

I highly recommend the Latin Primer textbook series. They are based on a Trivium model of learning with a high level of memorisation from the beginning. They are beautifully presented modern text books using a classical style of learning the language from the grammar up.

Deus Meus et Omnia

So what does: “Deus meus et omnia” mean?

A bunch of websites claim it is the motto for the Franciscan order who translate it: “My God and my all”. However Wikipedia says the Franciscan motto is “Pax et bonum”.

In Knowing God, J. I. Packer ascribes the phrase to Martin Luther and translates: “God is mine and everything is mine,” p143.

The Packer quote is awesome (very Romans 8:31-32), but is it right? Confusing.

For the Fransican option you would expect ‘meus’ to be genitive not nominative, right? (although Thomas’ “My God” in John 20:28 is ‘Deus meus’)

For the Packer/Luther way you would expect ‘meus’ to be accusative tense, right? However it seems to be nominative! Any Latin gurus out there?…