A Beautiful Wife

I have a beautiful wife for so many reasons. Here is one small but symbolic example. In our household chocolate is a very important treasure. Often I have wolfed down my weeks quota whereas Helen is pacing her share out nicely. She will still share her chocolate with me. That is true love.

Department of Health & Ageing -Marriage Increases Life Expectancy

Just at the age when people start giving up on their marriage promises in droves, is the age at which there are marked health benefits for sticking to your marriage. If you are struggling in your marriage – do everything you can to fight for the relationship and not give up.

New data analysis released by Mrs Elliot showed married male and female Australians live longer than life-long single people.

Australian Bureau of Statistics data on age-specific death rates in Australia per thousand per age group clearly shows that married people have lower death rates than non-married people in almost all age groups, for both men and women. (The data compares the rate of death per 1,000 for single people versus married ones.)

Data analysed by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing shows the difference between single and married starts in the 40s and grows sharply in the 60s.

The real spike appears in the 70-84 group with the death rate for single people almost double than married men and women.

Department of Health & Ageing -Marriage Increases Life Expectancy

Marriage helps you live longer | The Daily Telegraph

Impact of divorce lasts for decades – National – smh.com.au

Foreboding comments, but I think it’s much worse than they report. The divorced baby boomers of the 70s/80s are going to have very lonely and sad elderly years. Their divorced children are themselves too busy and have too many of their own problems to care for them. The baby-boomer dysfunctional legacy will affect many generations to come.

Divorcees agreed more strongly with statements such as “I don’t have anyone I can confide in” and “I have no one to lean on in times of trouble” than married or remarried people. They also felt less satisfied with their home, financial situation and neighbourhood.

Impact of divorce lasts for decades – National – smh.com.au

Who not to marry | theage.com.au

Some uncommon common sense in this article.

“Take a good, unsentimental look at his family — you’ll learn a lot about him and his attitude towards women. Kay made a monstrous mistake marrying Michael Corleone! Is there a history of divorce in the family? An atmosphere of racism, sexism or prejudice in his home?

“Are his goals and deepest beliefs worthy and similar to yours? I remember counselling a pious Catholic woman that it might not be prudent to marry a pious Muslim, whose attitude about women was very different. Love trumped prudence; the annulment process was instigated by her six months later.

Who not to marry | theage.com.au

Immoral Muslim Views on Women and Polygamy

Two Muslim leaders come forward this week to claim both a market and a call for legality for Muslim polygamous marriages.

They have a good case in that our society permits plural sexual relationships, so why not this? The answer of course is that the Christian ideal of one man and one woman for life that has held sway in Western culture for such a long time, should remain our ideal, to the majority benefit of society.

The more permissive immoral structures we now have are causing untold damage to men, women and children. Polygamy will only increase that. Modern western sexual autonomy is a complete disaster. Islamic polygamy is just as immoral. We want a tightening of our legal structures to preserve marriage as represented in the proven Western tradition.

Theologically speaking, marriage is a spiritual metaphor of the exclusive relationship between Christ and his Church. It can only be captured truly by a lifelong exclusive committed covenant between a man and a woman. Two people of the same gender cannot image the complementarity between Christ and the Church. Polygamy cannot represent it because it is not an exclusive relationship.

The Christian marriage model is designed to curb the selfish and sinful tendencies of men and women. Both Western sexual autonomy and Islamic polygamy only serve to magnify sinful human tendencies, especially among men.

The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Sheikh Chami as saying that he was asked almost weekly to conduct polygamous religious ceremonies, but had declined to perform such ceremonies.

He also claimed that there were other sheikhs without any qualifications, without any place, who conducted such marriages.

Islamic Friendship Association of Australia president Keysar Trad said recognising polygamous unions would help protect the rights of women in the relationship.

“This idea of plural sexual relationships, it is not so much frowned upon by society as long as these people don’t say we want a polygamous relationship,” he said.

‘Polygamy all about wanting sex with more women legally’

Sheik Chami said yesterday there was nothing wrong with having a number of marriages. “You allow the lesbians, you allow the gays – why not these people? What’s wrong with it?” he said.

Polygamy fights for an Aussie home | The Australian

Bible.org: Sample Wedding Vows

Happy to see Ephesians 5 given a guernsey but too much sentimental goo in these suggestions. Also, oaths in the Bible are serious things, lets be careful to not over-promise.

With deepest joy I receive you into my life that together we may be one. As is Christ to His body, the church, so I will be to you a loving and faithful husband. Always will I perform my headship over you even as Christ does over me, knowing that His Lordship is one of the holiest desires for my life. I promise you my deepest love, my fullest devotion, my tenderest care.

______, I love you. Today is a very special day. Long ago you were just a dream and a prayer. This day like a dream come true the Lord Himself has answered that prayer

I love you and I know you love me. I am confident that God has chosen you to be my husband.

Bible.org: Sample Wedding Vows