Stott gems on the motivations for world mission

Another Stott gem on an important topic:

“How then, can Christians justify the continuance of world evangelization? The commonest answer is to point to the Great Commission, and indeed obedience to it provides a strong stimulus. Compassion is higher than obedience, however, namely love for people who do not know Jesus Christ, and who on that account are alienated, disorientated, and indeed lost. But the highest incentive of all is zeal or jealousy for the glory of Jesus Christ. God has promoted him to the supreme place of honour, in order that every knee and tongue should acknowledge his lordship. Whenever he is denied his rightful place in people’s lives, therefore, we should feel inwardly wounded [like Paul in Acts 17:16], and jealous for his name.”
John Stott, “The Message of Acts”, IVP, p279.

What are our motivations for world and local evangelistic mission? Obedience, compassion but most of all jealousy for the honor of Jesus Christ.

The Lord Jesus Christ is both the “subject and object, source and goal, of evangelism, we have to repent of all self-centred, self-confident concepts of Christian mission”. Stott, “The Message of Acts”, IVP, p204.

Heavenly Father, show us the unsearchable riches of Jesus Christ and give us the joy of seeing those riches discovered by peoples all over the world and by those closest to us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Sermon: “Turning to the Goodness of the Living God” Acts 14:8-20

A new sermon in our church series on Acts.

“Wayne Schuller – ‘Turning to the Goodness of the Living God’ Acts 14-8-20 11-11-2005 10 30am”

I now have a cheapo ebay Asian mp3 player and recorder so it’s easier to make recordings.

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Sermon: Ephesians 6:10-20 Power in Prayer

A new sermon preached at our church on a series on prayer.

“Ephesians 6:10-20 Power in Prayer”

The audio quality is not great. I hope to get an mp3 player/recorder soon so I would like to post more sermons.

I would appreciate feedback and thoughts. I have some way to go both in terms of clarity and courage.

(Credits: There are a few Stott phrases and quotes from his BST commentary and some influence from a John Piper sermon on the same text)

Preaching With Clarity and Courage

John Stott on Ephesians 6:
“Clarity and courage remain two of the most crucial characteristics of authentic Christian preaching. For they relate to the content of the message preached and to the style of its presentation. Some preachers have the gift of lucid teaching, but their semrons lack solid content; their substance has become diluted by fear. Others are bold as lions. They fear nobody, and omit nothing. But what they say is confused and confusing. Clarity without courage is like sunshine in the desert: plenty of light but nothing worth looking at. Courage without clarity is like a beautiful landscape at night time: plenty to see, but no light by which to enjoy it. What is needed in the pulpits in the world today is a combination of clarity and courage, or of ‘utterance’ and ‘boldness’. Paul asked the Ephesians to pray that these might be give to him, for he recognized them as gifts of God. We should join them in prayer for the pastors and preachers of the contemporary church”.
Stott, “The Message of Ephesians”, Bible Speaks Today Series, p286.

Heavenly Father, help preachers today to proclaim the infinite worth of Jesus Christ with great clarity and fearless courage. To your glory and for our joy, Amen.

Strength for perseverance

I was encouraged by the observations and insights of John Piper in “The Roots of Endurance”:
“One of the pervasive marks of our times is emotional fragility. It hangs in the air we breath. We are easily hurt. We pout and mope easily. We blame easily. We break easily. Our marriages break easily. Our faith breaks easily. Our happiness breaks easily. And our commitment to the church breaks easily. We are easily disheartened, and it seems we have little capacity for surviving and thriving in the face of criticism and opposition… we are surrounded by, and are part of, a society of emotionally fragile quitters.” (p79-80).

These hard words ring true of my experience of Australian culture, including Christians. In one way, I am glad it is not just me. Only by comparing ourselves with Christians from other ages can we see this spotlight on ourselves.

John Piper’s suggestion is to watch people closely who are good at persevering in gospel commitment through emotional turmoil. That is why he wrote his book surveying the lives of Newton, Simeon and Wilberforce. I think this is good, and part of the answer.

And People Claim Linux is Confusing

Because the whole GNU/Linux operating system is not tied to any vendor – there is an often claimed fallacy that the multiplicity of linux vendors is confusing, divisive and a hindrance to progress.

Clearly in over a decade of linux this is not the case at all. Everyone seems to work together well, and the development of linux is scaling well.

I just found this awesome diagram of all the different versions of Microsoft Windows. If you thought Linux distributions were confusing, take a look at this!

udev kernels (such as fedora core 3) don’t support firewire (1394) easily

Oh the confusion.

I had my video camera talking to linux years ago. But it seems new “udev” kernel feature doesn’t automagically support firewire, well not under fedora core 3 anyway. (it looks like mandrake does)

The trick is you have to create the device nodes manually, every time your system boots!

Add the following lines to /etc/rc.local:

# create the 1394 devices
mknod /dev/raw1394 c 171 0
chmod a+rw /dev/raw1394
mkdir /dev/video1394
mknod /dev/video1394/0 c 171 16
mknod /dev/video1394/1 c 171 17
mknod /dev/video1394/2 c 171 18
mknod /dev/video1394/3 c 171 19
chmod a+rw /dev/video1394/0
chmod a+rw /dev/video1394/1
chmod a+rw /dev/video1394/2
chmod a+rw /dev/video1394/3

# install the modules
modprobe raw1394
modprobe video1394


The modprobe lines probably aren’t needed.

This is a known linux kernel bug. That bug report suggests that you can do all of the above just by: “MAKEDEV video1394 raw1394”. Since when did linux commands come with all caps? Both workarounds are incomprehensible to me!

Feature regressions are painful.

But at least I can now run kino (a linux video editor) and dvgrab again.

Reflections on Peter Bolt “The Cross from a Distance” and RT France “Divine Government”

I love the gospel of Mark. Stop what you are doing and go read it right now – you can easily read it in one sitting.

These are two great books that I have read recently that offer a way of understanding Mark’s gospel. They are two quite different approaches so I thought it would be interesting to compare them.

RT France’s “Divine Government: God’s Kingship in the Gospel of Mark” (I’ll call it “DG”) was published in 1980 by Lancer. Peter Bolt’s “The Cross From a Distance: Atonement in Mark’s Gospel” (“TCFaD”) was published recently in 2004. Both books were based on special lecture series at Moore Theological College in Syndey.

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Melbourne Uni Christian Union Commencement Camp 2005

We had a ball this past weekend going to the Melb Uni CU Commencement Camp. I really enjoyed giving talks on “True Greatness and True Glory” from Mark’s gospel.

We had a great time catching up with CU’ers old and new, and hearing about how the gospel is being proclaimed on campus.

The kids had fun playing with Lucy, Chloe and Samuel as well as the other big “kids”. 🙂

Thanks Glen and all the CU staff and leaders for your great work you did on the weekend and continue to do at Melbourne Uni. We were certainly refreshed and encouraged by spending the weekend with you all.

Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca at Luna Park Melbourne

Some of our friends might find this silly… We don’t watch much TV, but Helen and I are BIG fans of the TV show Survivor.

Helen and I enjoyed a great evening meeting Ethan Zohn (winner of Survivor Africa) and Jenna Morasca (winner of Survivor Amazon) recently at a fundraising event at Luna Park (go

The event itself was poorly attended, I only found out by reading forums accidentally. It was great of the organisers to still hold the event – well done Australia Koala Foundation.

It was great to be able to ask questions about different people from survivor, Hatch’s tax evasion, Rob Cesternino and such. We also enjoyed some rides, and got our survivor DVD’s signed which is nice.

Ethan and Jenna both were very friendly – obviously still love survivor and love talking about it. Good value.

Yes we will be watching Survivor Palau – it is great to see an Australian network getting the rights to air a show less than a week behind the USA.

Review of the Zensonic Z330 DVD/MP4/DIVX Player

zen330 player
style=”width: 498px; height: 89px;”>
The Zensonic Z330 is a very
cheap and popular DVD player. These next generation DVD players are
getting alot of attention because they can play MP4/DIVX/Xvid files.
These new formats are being used to play decent quality compressed
video often downloaded from the internet.

I first heard about this player on the excellent
href=””>forums. Whirlpool is an
excellent source of information (and misinformation!). I bought the
product for a very good price from
href=””> There is a
good vibe with a product if when you are examining it in the shop
someone else walks in off the street and quickly asks to buy two off
the shelf! I asked this other person why he was so confident, he said
that his friend had one and he was impressed with it.
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How Bittorrent Works

Bittorrent is an amazing way of distributing files. It is the next generation of p2p (peer to peer networks). p2p networks are infamous for spreading illegal content, but they are actually essential for distributing large data files. eg: downloading new linux distributions, big software updates, non copyrighted music and movies etc.

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2.6.x linux kernels problematic with some cd burners

When I upgraded to Fedora Core 3 my cd burner stopped working. I get a strange kind of error as follows:

Dec 29 12:42:39 localhost kernel: hdd: status error: status=0x58 { DriveReady SeekComplete DataRequest }
Dec 29 12:42:39 localhost kernel: hdd: status error: error=0x00
Dec 29 12:42:39 localhost kernel: hdd: drive not ready for command
Dec 29 12:42:39 localhost kernel: hdd: status timeout: status=0xd0 { Busy }
Dec 29 12:42:39 localhost kernel: hdd: status timeout: error=0xd0LastFailedSense 0x0d
Dec 29 12:42:39 localhost kernel: hdd: DMA disabled
Dec 29 12:42:39 localhost kernel: hdd: drive not ready for command
Dec 29 12:42:39 localhost kernel: hdd: ATAPI reset complete
Dec 29 12:42:39 localhost kernel: hdd: request sense failure: status=0x51 { DriveReady SeekComplete Error }
Dec 29 12:42:39 localhost kernel: hdd: request sense failure: error=0x50LastFailedSense 0x05
Dec 29 12:42:39 localhost kernel: hdd: request sense failure: status=0x51 { DriveReady SeekComplete Error }
Dec 29 12:42:39 localhost kernel: hdd: request sense failure: error=0x50LastFailedSense 0x05

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Making bittorrent work on linux

I have been experimenting with BitTorrent clients. I am writing up an article explaining this excellent technology..

But just a quick note for those Linux users pulling their hair out wondering how to open up incoming ports to allow the faster BitTorrent speeds. Most web sites advise this is a port forwarding problem with your broadband router, and you need to open up a virtual server to allow this. But if your linux distribution (eg: “Fedore Core 3”) has setup a “linux firewall” you will also need to configure that to allow incoming connections.

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Book Review of “John Stott; The Making of A Leader” and “John Stott: A Global Ministry” by Timothy Dudley Smith

Thanks to a gift from a friend I was able to get my hands on these two great volumes documenting the life and ministry of John Stott. These two books are the result of many years work of Timothy Dudley-Smith. In my mind he has struck a real chord with these books in opening up both the person and ministry of Stott so a new generation of Christian leaders might be able to learn from his example and experience. He has had full access to John Stott’s diaries, and drawn on interviews of both Stott and hundreds of people who have been influenced by him. These books are highly recommended.

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Review of Fedora Core 3 Linux

This is a review of the free linux distribution “Fedora Core 3”. It is an alternative operating system for pc computers.

A creature of habit, although my first linux distribution was Debian, I quickly found Red Hat 5.1. I have followed Redhat through pretty much every release. As soon as fc3 was released I ordered some CD-R’s from If you didn’t know, Fedora is the new name for the free Redhat desktop OS. My computer is a 6 year old Celeron 450MHz, with 328MB of Ram.

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Book review of “Beyond Greed” by Brian Rosner

Greed is a (the?) great Australian religion, though most people would not admit it. This is a great book to challenge us to think hard about whether we are worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ or whether greed is our true god. This is the second best book I have read on this topic.

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She Who Has A Name

We have named our new daughter Lydia Rachel Schuller. She is named after the Lydia in the early Christian church. Read the story in Acts 16:11-15. Rachel is named after the wife of Jacob in the Old Testament. In a nutshell: God’s people began with Abraham (2000BC). Abe’s son was Isaac, Isaac’s son was Jacob. From Jacob came the 12 tribes of Israel. Read the story in Genesis 29 and onwards.

(We weren’t originally going to go with another Bible name. In fact at one point we worked our way through the names of the women in the first round of the US Tennis Open. So she nearly ended up with a Russian name!)

5 minutes old:

After 48 hours:

Jemima and Lydia:

Josiah will make a good father one day:

Jemima is enjoying lots of cuddles: