Mini Review of Google Print

Is there anything Google can’t do? They keep doing amazing things.

I already love Google Print.

It allows you to do full text searches on books, real paper books!

e.g.: Do you want to find a quote from Peter Adam’s book “Speaking God’s Words”? Type in the book title into Google Print, click on the book and you can search within the book!

Imagine you are doing some thinking about “eternal punishment” and know that John Stott had some significant views. You can do a search on “John Stott eternal punishment” and find 15+ references to books discussing his position! (this would be great for theology students)

This is a great tool for the preacher and pastor. Especially those who cannot afford large libraries. Even for those who can it is a great time saver.

Imagine what a resource this is for the pastor or missionary in a developing country?!

Currently there are some small problems:

  • The interface is clunky and not as usable and simple as other Google pages. This should improve over time.
  • Some books have not given permission to be part of the project. This is annoying, but Google still has them in their system and will still give you the page numbers for the results! (I’m guessing in time all authors + publishers will realise the benefits of allowing the full text to be shown)
  • There are lots of books not yet in the system, but somewhere Google have machines (or people) madly scanning books in.

You might ask, how do Google make money off this? Well they have links to book sellers where you can actually by the books, and they also show ads for you to click on.

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