Sermon Series “On Being Human”

This church series is called “On Being Human”. The title (not content) was inspired (stolen) from a series of AFES talks by Philip Jensen.

The idea was to lift up peoples estimate of what it means to be a human – as an image bearer, and the significance of God’s Son taking on our humanity forever.

The series is probably less about what it means to be a human (all applied preaching and Bible teaching is about this!) and more asking the question: “What is the worth of a human being?” or “Where does my worth come from?”.

I was inspired by this quote from Calvin:
“It is certain that man never achieves a clear knowledge of himself unless he has first looked upon God’s face, and then descends from contemplating him to scrutinize himself”
(Institutes I.I.2)

As I read this quote I think I failed to come close to achieving what I set out to do: help people see who they are by looking their maker and looking at Jesus Christ as the perfect human and by seeing we are God’s property by virtue of creation and salvation (especially). It was worth the attempt!

If I had more talks to add, I would add one on “The Future of Humanity”. And possibly one on the entry and effects of sin in the world.

You Are Made In The Image of God Wayne Schuller Cranbourne Anglican 1030 20051016.mp3
You Were Bought At A Great Price Wayne Schuller Cranbourne Anglican 1030 20051023.mp3
Your Body is A Temple of the Holy Spirit Wayne Schuller Cranbourne Anglican 830 20051030.mp3

The talks were produced under heavy time pressure, and preaching topical is not my main style of preaching, but it still worth putting them online for feedback. hint hint!

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