AAPT Tech Support Experience

I’m trying to change plans on our church’s ADSL account. We need more speed as we have alot of new staff using our wireless access from their offices this year. This should be fairly easy, I’ve got a world class mix of technical and people skills!

Step 1 – Log into the AAPT web site. Ok this itself requires some voodoo. You can’t actually put in your ISP email and password, I tried that once before. You have to do the entirely undocumented and illogical step of entering the account number from the bill and an invoice number from a bill from the last 2 months. I know this from last time so I can get in. Unfortunately there is no way to change your plan from the account settings online. (I used to be able to do this with Optus)

Step 2 – Ring the number on the bill. Is this a tech support issue or a billing issue? Kind of both. I have to speak to a computer over the phone, I say “Change plans”. The computer voicemail obviously doesn’t know of my technical and personal ability. I select “Billing” from another list.

11:15am – I’m on hold, the elevator music begins. Switch to speaker phone and try to do some admin work at the desk.

11:25am – Still on hold. Browse through the AAPT web site to see what plans are available. It is unclear from my bill what plan we are even on. Apparently we are “opted into a business line rental saver”, which is $37.23 a month. Doesn’t sound cheap to me…

11:40am – Still on hold, but I recognise Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose”, the elevator version.

11:48am – Still on hold, Chris Isaac “Wicked Game”. Even with hands-free it is difficult to get much work done while on hold. People come into my office but I can’t give them full attention.

12:06pm – I’m through! The call centre guy mentions that AAPT have a press release out last month about their long wait times, I resist from entering into an theological discussion about the difference between regret and repentance. Plus there is a $25 plan change fee – yikes! I asked too many questions about waiving fees, on hold again…

12:15pm Agreed to change the plan to 1500kbit plus 15gig download for another $15 per month + $25 one off fee. Asked for a written copy of the plan details to be sent in the mail. (never arrived)
Well over 45 minutes on hold, not nice. If AAPT could simply do what other ISPs do and allow customers to change plans online without any special fees, I could then give them more money without having to waste call centre time.

In the next installment I will discuss how VicRoads deregistered our car without telling us (this happened to my Dad’s truck also last year).

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