Charles Widmore and Lost Season 4 spoiler

This is my current theory on Lost. Charles Widmore is actually Jim Robinson from Neighbours, that much is clear. The island where Lost is set is actually a medium size parkland in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Remember the church that Eko was building in Season 2? That is actually Holy Trinity Doncaster where Scot and Charlene were married. The valley of houses where “the others” used to live is a replication of Ramsey St.

In 1996, he purchased the journal of the first mate of the Black Rock, a 19th century British slave ship, at a Southfield’s auction. Desmond found him at the auction, demanding to know Penny’s new contact information. Widmore asserted that it was Desmond’s cowardice that separated Desmond from Penny. Desmond asked Widmore why Widmore hated him; Widmore retorted that it wasn’t he who hated Desmond. He then gave Desmond Penny’s address.Charles Widmore – Lostpedia

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