Peter Bolt – Living With The Underworld

It’s good.

Recommend to anyone concerned about deliverance or spiritual warfare.

Not a bad introduction to the Christian worldview for the stock Western materialist.

A quote on deliverance ministries toward the end:

The New Testament gives absolutely no encouragement to Christians to directly engage with the devil or demons through such practices as exorcism or deliverance or praying against territorial spirits. This must be stressed, because over the last 40 years or so a number of movements have arisen within the Christian orbit urging exactly this kind of direct engagement with the devil and his minions. There are exorcism ministries, and deliverance ministries, some even claiming that this kind of thing ought to form a regular part of congregational life. Please forgive me for speaking strongly, but love requires that a clear message be heard: these ‘ministries’ are not Christian ministries in a New Testament sense. They are profoundly misguided, and should be shut down, never to be re-opened.

One very important clue that these ministries are not truly Christian ministries is that they reintroduce the fear of the underworld that Jesus died to banish…


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