Christian bikies in unholy brawl – World –

Maybe they had a good reason to get into a bar fight that saw a Hells Angel killed. Maybe it was self defence. Maybe it was to protect some innocents the Hells Angels were attacking. Or maybe they are recent converts with a violent history to shake-off. Maybe they didn’t start it, but they finished it.

LOS ANGELES: Authorities have arrested eight members of a Christian bikie gang known as the Set Free Soldiers on charges of attempted murder in connection with a bar fight last week with members of the Hells Angels.

The arrests were made during raids in southern California, authorities said. Three people are still being sought on arrest warrants.

An Anaheim police spokesman, Sergeant Tim Schmidt, said the raids followed a clash between the Set Free Soldiers and Hells Angels at a Newport Beach bar.

All those arrested on Wednesday were members of Set Free Soldiers, Sergeant Schmidt said. They are being held on bail of $US1 million ($1.09 million) each.

On their website, Set Free Soldiers describe themselves as “a group of men who love Jesus and love to ride hard. We are not your normal motorcycle club. Some say we are too good for the bad guys, and too bad for the good guys.”

Christian bikies in unholy brawl – World –

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