Clearing Your Head

One of the principles of GTD is clearing your head of all naggy cruft.

Any annoying reminders, unfinished commitments or jobs, can all create “drag” on your creativity and clear thinking.

I’ve renewed my GTD effort in 2009. I’ve enjoyed regular weekly reviews, sweeping my mind of concerns that aren’t represented in my action or project lists, and putting them into the system. Everything¬† I need to remember, big or small, goes into the system.

It is a good feeling to have a clear head. I do feel a little overwhelmed by everything on my lists, and it is a busy and stressful time of year. I may not get everything done that I’m committed to. GTD can’t fix that, though permeating the process with prayer helps. It is a great feeling not having the stress of “is there something I’ve forgotten?” That kind of stress creates an unseen but large drag on personal effectiveness.

One fun little side effect of clearing my head this year was that I became more aware of an 80’s hip hop song that has been spinning around in my head for 20 years. I had it on a mix tape that I played a million times as a teenager. Growing up in the country near Ballarat, the only access to this kind of music was getting reception to a Melbourne alternative radio station (RRR) at the exact right time of week. This song was from my ‘gold’ mix tape.

For 20 years I had been thinking I should figure out what that song was but I’ve always had too much other cruft in my head to bother doing anything. This week with a bit of help from Google and the Wikipedia reference desk I discovered the song is called “Bad Young Brother” by the British artist “Derek B”. I won’t link to the embarrassing Youtube video clip.

How much of your brain capacity is clogged with naggy reminders or unresolved commitments?

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