Smartphones – the negatives

Here is what I see as unhelpful about smartphones (some of these points overlap):

  • They can cause you to be enslaved to every latest message/txt/facebook/tweet whatever.
  • They are addictive and hard to not glace at. Will your kids remember you as an absent  father playing with your phone all the time?
  • Your kids want to play on them all the time and suddenly you are no longer training children in patience and they are unable to ever sit still in worship or sit still anywhere. An awful curse of induced attention deficit disorder.
  • They give a false sense of control because you read messages quickly. However you can easily simply read messages then forget about processing them properly (according to a GTD style setup) or ever actioning them. They can make the non-urgent-and-non-important as significant as the urgent-and-important (and they do nothing to help with the non-urgent-and-important).
  • They distract you from reading real paper books and the Bible
  • They deceive you into thinking that an bible reading app or something else is going to help your spiritual disciplines – when all it is doing is making it easier to look at facebook.
  • They tempt you by making it easy to voyeur more into social media and what other people are saying about you.
  • It is very hard to install ad blocking and porn blocking software, and this creates a temptation. I cannot get opendns to work over the telstra mobile data network.
  • They make it easy to flood quick interactions with people when what is needed is a real phone call or a discussion over coffee.
  • The games and apps are a world of infinite distractions.
  • They make it hard for your brain to enjoy rest and meditation away from a screen of any sort.
  • They easily become a status symbol or an idol.
  • A minor quibble: They “app ecosystem” is not conducive to free software. Even though without linux and the rest of open source there wouldn’t be an Internet or Android phone. There are huge privacy problems and DRM dangers with such capable devices.


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