2 thoughts on “Smartphones – what Android apps am I using?”

  1. It might be worth a look at Evernote for keeping notes on all platforms.

    I haven’t tried Chrome for Android – though I should – but can recommend Opera Mobile. Of those I’ve tried, I find it best works for resizing pages to read.

    How about Bible apps? Or barcode scanner?

    I like the WordPress app – I can draft blog posts when and if an idea hits me.

    There are heaps. It all depends on which ones fall under the category of ‘Smartphones – the negatives’ and which ‘Smartphones – the positives.

  2. hi Chris,

    Evernote isn’t available on my platform – linux. Just using the web and mobile interface doesn’t seem productive enough for me.

    I’m not really into Bible software – I still use BDAG paper lexicon etc.

    Barcode scanner? I have used Google goggles a bit.

    WordPress app – actually great idea I will pick that up!

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