Anglican Diocese of Melbourne respects and includes those who cannot accept the ordination of women

I welcome this statement by Roland Ashby expressing the respect and inclusion of those who cannot accept the ordination of women (to the priesthood or episcopate) in the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne.

I am often asked this question so it is good to hear such an affirmation.

By  Roland Ashby, Letter to the Editor of The Age

Contrary to Fr Christopher Seton’s reported comments “New world order as Anglican priests move to a Catholic environment”, The Age, 8/8, the Anglican Church respects those who cannot accept, in good conscience, the ordination of women to the priesthood and the episcopate.

Even though the ordination of women has been joyfully embraced by the Melbourne Diocese and a majority of the Australian Dioceses, the Anglican Church has sought to be supportive of those who cannot accept the ordained ministry of women priests or bishops.

A protocol to ensure appropriate care and support for those who object to women’s ordination is well established.

Moreover, Fr Seton’s reported assertion “that you’ve got to believe in same-sex marriage” to remain in the Anglican Church is inaccurate and misplaced.

A new priest will be appointed to Fr Seton’s former Anglican parish of All Saints Kooyong and the parish will continue as a worshipping community in the Anglican tradition. We wish the four priests who have chosen to enter the Ordinariate every blessing for their future ministry.

We have a good relationship with the Roman Catholic Church in Melbourne, and hope to maintain this by avoiding the kind of commentary reported in this article.

Roland Ashby

Communications DirectorAnglican Diocese of Melbourne

via Anglicans respect decisions made in good conscience.