Phillip Jensen on Anglican Identity

Excellent article from Phillip Jensen on “Why Anglican?”:

The Prayer Book and 39 Articles of Anglicanism come from a particular historical context—the struggle of Thomas Cranmer in the sixteenth century Protestant Reformation. The Prayer Book underwent several minor editions before taking its final form in the seventeenth century. From 1662 till today it, and the 39 Articles, stand as the one touchstone of genuine Anglicanism.

This is so forgotten in Anglican circles today. The touchstone is the Book of Common Prayer and the 39 Articles.

I enjoyed this reflection also:

We sometimes forget to commend confessional Anglicanism to people. Yet it is worth saying that Anglicanism is our choice and that we believe it is a good choice. Being a confessional Anglican is a privilege and blessing for which we are thankful to God and hope others will enjoy.

I am a happy confessional Anglican.

2 thoughts on “Phillip Jensen on Anglican Identity”

  1. What do you think of Carl Truman’s comment earlier this year about this? He noted the historic and formal evangelical commitment of Anglicans, and the common refrain of ’39 Articles and Prayer Book’. But also wondered why these points of evangelical credibility have no apparent power to do anything useful. If the denomination can ignore them, pointing to them seems to be a weak solace.

  2. hi Chris – I’m not sure which Trueman piece you mean. I know the issue. A quick answer would be that doctrinal confessions can never provide automatic protection – we always need to fight to guard the Biblical gospel and using confessions is one of many weapons needed. They are only ignored if the faithful go quietly.

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