Tips on Family Worship and Bible Reading

Some thoughts I shared with a friend a while ago on reading the Bible with your primary aged kids:

  1. Start with a simpler translation he can use, such as the CEV, but try to get onto the standard NIV-1984 as soon as his reading becomes proficient.
  2. Read half or one chapter a night, and work consecutively through one book of the Bible. Take turns reading and help him learn how to pronounce names and learn any words that are difficult. (if you keep up the daily habit over years he will grow to become an excellent reader)
  3. Start with a gospel, then work through different parts of the New Testament. For a boy the book of Acts is exciting and also Revelation. In time get onto the Old Testament starting with Genesis, Psalms, Proverbs, Exodus. There is no need to read in order of the table of contents – though it helps enormously to know where each book is in the chronology of the Bible (some study bibles will have a chart to show this).
  4. Have a simple discussion about the meaning and questions like: What do we learn about God? What has Jesus done for us? What can we thank and praise him for?
  5. Always finish with a prayer together – take turns. Give him prompts like: “You say a prayer giving thanks to Jesus for dying for our sins”, “You thank God for three good things he has given you today”. Try and let the prayers flow out of something you have discussed from the Bible that night.
  6. It helps to make up a chart where you can tick off books you have finished. This gives a sense of achievement and progress.
  7. Don’t spend too long each day. It is better to do 10 minutes consistently every day than 30 minutes sporadically.

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