MacCullough on the Myth of the English Reformation

Great blog post with quotes from MacCullough on how the Reformation foundations of Anglicanism are so often forgotten.

Unfortunately the full article from MacCullough is not available online (though I have a pdf copy). Wallace summarises MacCullough’s conclusions approvingly:

“Diarmaid MacCulloch has pinned down particularly the Oxford Movement as the greatest impetus to this reinterpretation of the English Reformation. He has argued in an essay that when the anglo-catholic offspring of the Oxford Movement came to dominate English academic life, they rewrote the history of the Church of England, providing for themselves the usable past of a via media from which Puritans and Calvinists were excluded. Indeed, for some anglo-catholics the Church of England was defined by a Catholic persistence from which the Protestant Reformation was almost entirely excised,” Wallace, “Via Media? A Paradigm Shift” in Anglican and Episcopal History 72, no. 1 (2002), p20.

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