Archbishop Loane: Bishops are Not the Church

Great quote from Archbishop Marcus Loane in the 1981 Presidential Address to the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia:

“William Temple whose fame is in all the Churches is credited with having said: ‘When people say that the church should do something, they usually mean that the Bishops should say something’. The trouble is that the Bishops seldom agree among themselves, and in any case the Bishops are not the Church. The Church is made up of people: it is governed by an elected General Synod; when the Synod is not in session, its Standing Committee acts on its behalf. That is, as democratic a system of church government can easily be devised, but it makes it impossible for the Church to speak with a single authoritative voice. Therefore what the Primate should choose to say, or what the Bishops decide to say may be no more than a personal utterance and may command no more support that those whose views it happens to reflect.”

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