Those who claim the natural tolerance of Anglicanism do not know their history…

Excellent historical observations by Peter Adam in response to the 2004 Windsor Report. This is not to endorse persecution, but it exposes the myth that Anglicanism should be defined by inclusivity:

“How extraordinary to read that ‘[t]he depth of conviction […] has introduced a degree of harshness and a lack of charity which is new to Anglicanism’ (See the Forward, p.5). I think that the already existing Celtic Church leaders and members who were forced to accept the customs of the new missionaries from Rome would have found those words hard to believe, as would have the Lollards, Cranmer, Ridley and Latimer on their fires, the other martyrs of the Reformation Era, the victims of Archbishop Laud, the 1000 clergy who refused to assent to a Book of Common Prayer they had not seen in 1662, nonconformists persecuted under the Clarendon Code, Roman Catholics and other nonconformists deprived of University education, the seven students expelled from Oxford University for ‘methodism’, F. D. Maurice sacked for inadequate views on hell, or Bishop King of Lincoln in prison for illegal liturgical practice. Those who claim the natural tolerance of Anglicanism do not know their history,”

Peter Adam, “Communion: Virtue or Vice?” in  “The Faith Once For All Delivered – An Australian Evangelical Response to the Windsor Report”, Edited by Bolt, Thompson, Tong, Published by the Australian Church Record, 2005.

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