New publications on Anglican Clergy wellbeing and supply

Two very interesting research papers are published on the Diocese of Melbourne Bishop Perry Institute website:

A Rewarding Life
A research project undertaken by The Revd Dr David Powys and Lay Canon Colin Reilly, presented to the Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne in October 2015. The report presents findings from a survey of priests ordained in the Diocese of Melbourne between 1970 and 2013. It covers the sense of call, background and prior experience of priests, their ecclesial identity, the challenges they face, their hopes, fears, expectations and support in ministry, and indicators of their wellbeing. Questions are posed arising from the data, particularly in relation to the future supply of parish leaders in the diocese. The report is accompanied with a summary of data from the survey classified by gender, period of ordination as priest, age group when ordained, and age group now.

A Rewarding Life – project findings

Clergy supply, deployment and attrition in the Diocese of Melbourne
A comprehensive report by researcher and statistician Colin Reilly. This report provides data derived from an analysis of the the 1961, 1971, 1981, 1991, 2001, 2011 and 2014 national clergy lists, together with the diocesan Year Book, and other sources, to compile an historic picture of clergy supply and attrition over time.
Clergy supply, deployment and attrition in the Diocese of Melbourne

2 thoughts on “New publications on Anglican Clergy wellbeing and supply”

  1. Dear Wayne,

    Thank you for your post. When it comes to supporting each other; when one has a spiritual hunger, one can easily forget the needs of those who provide the spiritual food. The well being of those giving the pastoral care is important, critical; and clearly, a prerequisite for a healthy church !!!!

    -David Crofts

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