Thom S. Rainer Reflections on Church Leadership

I particularly enjoy the reflections on the life of a pastor by Thom S. Rainer. I don’t share everything in common with his models of local church life, but whenever I read him I feel a sense of the value and worth of the pastor. He honours our struggles and weaknesses.

Some of his posts have particular wisdom to my Melbourne Anglican context. For example, see Seven Ways Churches Should Die with Dignity:

Avoid merging with another struggling church. An unhealthy or dying church merging with a similar church does not equal a healthy church. At best, it prolongs the inevitability of death from taking place.

This observation is latent with wisdom.

His podcast is also particularly encouraging. A recent episode struck a number of chords with me: 10 Common Frustrations of Pastors – Rainer on Leadership #204

4 thoughts on “Thom S. Rainer Reflections on Church Leadership”

  1. Dear Wayne,

    When one considers the problem of how does one turn a collection of occasional sparks of spiritual reverence; that everyone experiences when they direct their minds toward their creator; into a healthily blazing fire that warms even the coldest of hearts; one realizes that the key to a healthy church; with no set expiry date; is to have the highest possible quality spiritual food served up every Sunday; and to have this complemented by the real; but symbolic; ingestion of physical food during Holy Communion.

    I believe that when a church dies; the cause of this; can be traced back directly to the quality of the spiritual food served up by it’s pastor. No one should blame the body of Christ for this failure !!!!

    While Wayne Schuller heads the Berwick Anglican Church its death is beyond my ability to contemplate !!!!

    -David Crofts

  2. hi Chris, Thom Rainer is my only Christian podcast. The others are all fitness or technology related!

  3. hi David,

    Thanks for your reflections and kind comments.

    Fortunately Jesus Christ is the head of Berwick Anglican Church! 🙂


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